Got Me Wrong is the debut full-length album from Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls, and has been hailed as "Absolutely gorgeous... Straightforward and deep, without being heavy handed," by Zocalo Magazine. The album features song styles ranging from "blues stomps to ballads, from quiet folk to heart-swelling gospel, from a quick and quiet waltz to an eight-minute epic that builds and crashes like a monsoon storm." (Tucson Weekly). The eleven tracks were produced by Calexico bassist Ryan Alfred (Sweet Ghosts, Ryanhood) and continue to define the Sonoran Soul sound pioneered by Arzate on his debut EP, Fly Away.

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In partnership with The Arizona Justice Project, we are proud to offer "The Ballad of Louis Taylor" as the first single from the album Got Me Wrong. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this single will go to The Arizona Justice Project to help others like Louis Taylor receive the compassionate justice they deserve.

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Fly Away is the first official wide-release from Carlos Arzate & the Kind Souls. Featuring a marked shift from the hard-hitting soap-box rock of Arzate's previous work with American Android, Fly Away pioneers a new, Sonoran Soul sound which draws from folk, latin, rock, and soul. The five tracks were produced by Calexico bassist Ryan Alfred (Sweet Ghosts, Ryanhood) and have been described by Zocalo Magazine as having "the heart-warming and political poignancy of Ziggy Marly and Michael Franti, with a southwestern bent."

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